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Our Listening Labs are fun online events bringing people together to explore our work in progress, share their responses and socialise. Each Listening Lab has a different focus with some bringing together other opera makers and creatives and others acting as open forums for people interested in our productions, but they are all friendly relaxed events where anyone who is interested in attending is welcome.

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Past events

Thank you to everyone who came to our February Listening Labs. It was a great to begin sharing Veritable Michael with audiences and the feedback has been invaluable in shaping where the project goes next. We'll be hosting similar events in March, so watch this space for future Listening Labs.  ​

Audience comments
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Listening Lab: Veritable Michael — Open Forum
Saturday 6th February at 17:00–18:30 FREE

The 'Open Forum' Listening Lab invites participants ​to lend their ears and share their thoughts as we explore our work-in-progress production 'Veritable Michael — a podcast opera'.

This is a relaxed online event where you can watch, listen and respond to the scenes our creative team will be sharing from Veritable Michael. We're keen to learn what about the project interests you. What excites you? What do you want to hear more of?

It's our chance to hear your thoughts on what we're making, and your chance to...

  • enjoy a look behind the scenes of an opera in development

  • learn more about the story of Michael Field

  • explore the project with the Shadow Opera creative team

  • participate in group discussions about the story and its modern relevance

  • socialise with other curious souls

The session will use Michael Field's story as a jumping off point for exploring the main themes of the piece:

  • exploring and creating gender

  • life as a queer artist

  • making female voices heard

This is a friendly, book-club-like event so if you can bear a little more screen time, grab your favourite tipple and join us as we dive into the queer world of Michael Field.

Listening Lab: Veritable Michael — Makers and Creatives
Thursday 11th February at 18:00–19:30 FREE

Opera makers, poets, writers, Victorian and LGBTQ+ history buffs, and general creative types: we need you! This Listening Lab is aimed at opera makers, opera lovers and friends of this project.


We're inviting participants to join us for an informal sharing of scenes from 'Veritable Michael — a podcast opera' and an open discussion about the future of digital opera.

2020 saw unprecedented changes in the opera world. Sadly the curtain came down on most live performances but a variety of digital opera projects sprang to life. This session will focus on digital opera projects, so whether you've got something in the pipeline, want to share a great project you've seen or been involved in, or just want to hear the latest from creative peers, we'd love to see you there.

Event hosts:

Sophie Goldrick (mezzo/creative producer),

Tom Floyd (composer/creative producer)

Lizzie Holmes (soprano).

About the production

"We have many things to say the world will not tolerate from a woman's lips"

Katharine Bradley, 1884

Veritable Michael — a podcast opera

Veritable Michael tells the true story of Katherine Bradley and Edith Cooper — two Victorian poets and lovers, who lived and wrote under the pseudonym, Michael Field. This opera combines the journals, poetry and letters of Katherine and Edith with an original score by Tom Floyd, exploring the fantastical, witty and queer world of Michael Field.

Despite early critical success, Michael Field quickly faded into obscurity after the revelation in the press by Robert Browning that Michael was not a man at all. Opera scenes, sound design and guest interviews combine in this podcast to explore the life and work of Katherine and Edith and their struggle with Victorian patriarchy.

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